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The final version SA-MP 0.3e download

May 9, 2012
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Pretty quick premiere next version of San Andreas Multiplayer is dubious as to whether it really tests last week were worth the candle. Like previous views modifications, this version really does not introduce many significant changes. However, for the premiere of the SA-MP 0.4 you should enjoy what you get.

The most important changes in SA-MP 0.3e

  • They removed a lot of minor bugs and improved safety modification;
  • The ability to change various textures and colors of objects;
  • Added a new parameter to a function SetPlayerCameraLookAt (), which causes fluid to move the camera to a certain place, rather than its "teleportation";
  • A lot of new objects, including walls and buildings;
  • Added a system that allows to display up to 256 objects TextDraw for each player separately
  • New features: SetObjectMaterial () and SetPlayerObjectMaterial (), allowing the conversion of the texture object to another available in the game
  • New features
  • New tools for easier editing trailed objects
  • New character animation (arrest) and a model of handcuffs
  • Added new models: the white squares to use when creating characters, and several new buildings;
  • Servers can integrate the mouse cursor so that it is possible to click on text or images;

Download SA-MP 0.3e

  • SA-MP 0.3e
  • SA-MP 0.3e Windows Server
  • SA-MP 0.3e Linux Server
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  1. how to download?

  2. Link does not work page has expired

  3. everything works

  4. Sora can niewiem what is going on ?? I play from 3misięcy on a server RP in the SA-MP 0.3E and now writes The whole time RESPOND didnt retyring and my buddy is działa.Więc wiemo not something chodzi.Instalowałem re already 10razy nothing.

  5. Can you help? I have a problem with the installation. I can not choose the folder where you want to install the SAMP. I have a version on Steam.

  6. Well, I downloaded and in my opinion much better than sa-mp 0.3d really great

  7. Jezel does not work repairing Internet connection

  8. I installed everything nicely, beautifully, and when I turn on Possible server it kind of turns, but there are white screens, then turns to me normal game; / wtf? what's up? 7652156 - my gg, write, help.

  9. How do I download a file and downloaded it says to me that the file is uszkodzony.Pisać on E-mail

  10. As fires any server is like the beginning he charged and knocked me to the desktop and the error occurs. This is done in each version are mp and mta. What should I do ??

  11. I'm looking for someone who will lead the server GTA: SAMP.
    I feel c5s.pl Church: ERAP !!!
    or gg: 33333390

  12. Niewim what's going on !!!!! when you want to save the file on pc samp choose a disk that can not get it !! !!!! pomuszcie please !!!!!!

  13. Recently I ordered the GTA Complete Edition and wonder what's it all about.

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