SA-MP 0.3e download RC5

March 23, 2012
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Another test version of the upcoming SA-MP 0.3e saw the light of day. Change is not much and to some extent associated with the previously entered novelties. Surprised? I think not.

Changes in the SA-MP 0.3e RC5

  • Removed bug that appeared on the occasion of the publication of version 0.3e RC4, and that caused the removal of the customer vehicles that were sinking
  • Implemented additional security to appeals in the script
  • Fixed a problem with the texture of the bucket
  • Added a system that allows to display up to 256 objects TextDraw for each player separately
  • All functions TextDraw have variants:
native PlayerText: CreatePlayerTextDraw (playerid, Float: x, Float: y, text []);
native PlayerTextDrawShow (playerid, PlayerText: text);
native PlayerTextDrawHide (playerid, PlayerText: text);
native PlayerTextDrawSetString (playerid, PlayerText: text, String []);
// .. [] Etc

Download SA-MP 0.3e RC5

  • SA-MP 0.3e RC5
  • SA-MP 0.3e RC5 Windows Server
  • SA-MP 0.3e RC5 Linux Server
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  1. To me it looks pretty good but something was missing here. What do you think about that?

    Recently I ordered the GTA Complete Edition and wonder what's it all about.

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