Download IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 T4

September 15, 2010
Grand Theft Auto IV

Another version of the only surviving alternative to GTAIV multiplayer has just been released. Although the project is still in beta it by developers assurances final version is very close.

IV: MP Beta version

Amendments in IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 T4

  • Limit was increased to 32 slots
  • Search Server now works correctly
  • Improved load modules
  • togglePlayerFrozen now works correctly
  • Fixed setPlayerTime

Download IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 T4

  • IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 T4 Client
  • IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 of Windows Server T4
  • IVMP 0.1 Beta 1 T4 Linux Server R2
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  4. Recently I ordered the GTA Complete Edition and wonder what's it all about.

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